About us

Can not forget your childhood time just because of those retro games? Street Figher, Pac-man, Punisher ect. These retro games brought us such a memorized Childhood. And now, you can recall them wherever you go and whenever you want. 

Willgoo.com focus on Android retro handhelds, portable handhelds, Android tablet PC. The latest Android retro handhels such as Yinlips YPDG18, YPDG16, JXD S601, Dingoo A380 can be found here. They are not only simply retro consoles but also your childhood's dream. Willgoo alway release the latest and interesting retro handheld. At the same time, willgoo welcome you guys's news tips. We will submit you the latest portable handhelds news- for your blog, forum and website. What's more, we will send out free sample for any site who can write review for it. To get a free sample is so easy. Just write to us via: sales@willgoo.com.

The other main products on willgoo.com is the Android tablet PC. Willgoo always say Goodby to those bad cheap, bad quanlity products. We will pick out those interesting and high quanlity Android tablet. Again, your any reviews including text, video are warmly welcome. The free sample can be got very simply if you are interesting to introduce via your site.

We are now recommending our "Affiliate Program" to anyone who want to earn extra money in their spare time. There are tons of interesting and hot sales products releasing on willgoo everyday. You got many chances to earn money from them. The more you promote for our products, the more you will earn. Anyway, we are very sincerely to cooperate with any legal website/blog/forums. To become our Affiliate program is so easy, kindly click here: http://www.willgoo.com/index.php?main_page=referrer_main

Story about willgoo.com is still on going. It is not ending but just starting...

Partnership with "Open Your Eyes"

English Version

In order to enlarger our business in Italy and other countries in Europe (CEE), Willgoo cooperated with our partner OYE "Open Your Eyes, owner Mr. Vega" to offer the best products and sevice. OYE is an Exclusive Italian Distributor Official Authorized Home Entertainment on-line "B2B", "B2C" seller of electronics products and own its domain  (http://shop-oye.it), the products chosen by OYE will be tested thoroughly by a qualified technical team. OYE will post products from Willgoo and sell them all over the world especially Italy and Europe. For those people who buy from Italy or Europe, you got chance to buy in your local place while placing orders on "OYE". They are very good at dealing with Italian and European (CEE) customs. No extra taxes and customs fee charged, Fast Shipping, After-Sales Products Guarantee Italy/Europe (CEE) 12 months.

As a partnership of "OYE", Willgoo will submit its latest products' information to them. People who would like to buy from Italy can place orders on their website (http://shop-oye.it). "OYE" got a professional  after sales service to follow your order.

Italian Version:

Al fine di ingrandire il nostro business in Italia e in altri paesi Europei (CEE), Willgoo ha deciso di collaborare con il nostro partner OYE "Open Your Eyes - Titolare Sig. Vega" Distributore Esclusivo Italiano Ufficiale Autorizzato Home Entertainment, per offrire ai propri clienti i Migliori prodotti HighTech delle Fabbriche più Importanti del Mercato Mondiale! i prodotti scelti dalla OYE verranno testati scrupolosamente da un qualificato Team tecnico. OYE “Sig. Vega”  è un Distributore on-line italiano "B2B", "B2C" di prodotti di elettronica professionale e home entertainment e possiede il dominio: 

(http://shop-oye.it). OYE pubblicherà anche i prodotti Willgoo con Autorizzazione Esclusiva di vendere in tutto il globo, soprattutto in Italia e in Europa. I clienti che acquisteranno in Italia avranno molteplici vantaggi avendo la possibilità di comunicare con un Affidabile distributore vicino casa propria. Il Sig. Vega è molto bravo a trattare con le dogane italiane/Europee. Nessuna tassa extra e tassa doganale a carico del cliente, trasporto veloce, Garanzia Prodotti Italia/Europa (CEE) 12 mesi.

Come accordi di partnership con "OYE", Willgoo si impegnerà a fornire un supporto dedicato e informazioni inedite sui Nuovi prodotti al proprio partner. Le persone che desiderano acquistare dall’Italia per avere una migliore affidabilità e sicurezza possono ordinare sul loro sito web (http://shop-oye.it). "OYE" Fornirà anche un professionale e qualificato servizio pre/post-vendita per seguire e tutelare da vicino i vostri acquisti.