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GPD XD Pocket Gaming Handheld is on Presell Now!

Nintendo New 3D XL? No, it is the Android gaming tablet from GPD called GPD XD. Delivery time is in July but you can preorder GPD XD gamepad now.

GPD XD gamepad gaming tablet

The ideas on creating such pocket gaming handheld is from 3D LL Nintendo. But this GPD XD game pad is aiming at offering convenience on playing both Android and emulator games. Anyway, can you tell us the difference between them so far?

The size of this new GPD XD handheld is at 155x89x24mm while Nintendo 3D LL has 160×93.5×21.5mm. So similar on the appearance. It is folding handheld which allow you to carry it anywhere. Also, you can put it into your pocket because of its size- as we also called it pocket gamepad from GPD.

Here is the specification we get from GPD. We will release more details including videos on it once we get the sample in these coming days.

CPU: Rockchip RK3288 Quad-Core(ARM Cortex A-17+ Mali-T764)
Process: 28nm HKMG
GPU: ARM Mali-T764 600MHz
GPU memory: Shared memory
Power management chip: Japan’s Ricoh
WIFI: Supports 802.11b/g/n/ac(2.4GHz)
Bluetooth: Do not support
OS: Android 4.4.4
TE,ASTC,AFBC memory compression technology: support
Storage: Built-in 16/32G. Support Micro SD(TF) card, Maximum support 128GB
Screen size: H-IPS 5.0 inches capacitive touch screen. Resolution: 1280×720; 1677 million color displa
Sensor: Gravity Sensor
Keyboard features: Power button, a cross key, two- charcter function keys(A/B/X/Y, L1/L2/L3/R1/R2/R3)
Built-in microphone
HDMI 2.0
Webcam: No
Battery: 3.8V 6000mAH 22.8Wh

Red GPD G5A Limited Version- Less than 50 units available!

It is about 2 months that GPD G5A left us. Just before Christmas Day this cool gaming tablet console is back. But it is a little different this time as it is Red GPD G5A.


From now one, we will only ship this shinny Red color GPD G5A when you place orders. Yes, we only have this color in stock- no white or black but only red! The factory only produces a limited quantity for this Android gaming console. Here is Willgoo, we only have less than 50 units. The price is the same as what we offered for the white color- still at $99.99.

If you still do not know which Christmas gifts you should buy, then consider about this red G5A. Be quick otherwise it will be gone- Willgoo fans are always very crazy for new devices!

Hey, Daddy! Why not buy one unit GPD G58 as my Christmas gift?

After about one and a half month, finally we will get GPD G58 “back home”. According to the latest news from the factory, this best selling gaming tablets will be available next week.

People who will consider this game console mainly because its smaller size of screen while comparing it with JXD S7800B, GPD G7 ect. As a gift for your children, the smaller size might be convenient for grabbing. Another points our customers are keen on it is that its reasonable price. Only $99 US dollars including shipping, and you can get such enjoyable gaming experience as below( My friend DeenOX did showed us how it works on playing games:

Anyway, do remember to tell your daddy how much you love him no matter what Christmas gift he buy for you.

Where can you buy Meizu MX4 Pro?

Everybody in the world may be impressed by Meizu MX4 Pro when it was released last week. No less than one minute, the pre-sale quantity 10,000 units MX4 Pro were sold out. Then how about those people who don’t have this good luck? Where you can buy Meizu MX4 Pro smart phone?

MX4 PRO Phone


The first way is go directly to Meizu official site to leave your phone number. They will remind you once next batch is ready for pre-sale. Till now, we still do not know when Meizu will open the next pre-sale. Thus, leaving your phone number is the only way to get the latest news.

Unfortunately, their Engish website or online store can not be booked this latest Meizu smart phone. Yes, you need to go to their Chinese site. Then how can a foreigner buy this MX4 Pro phone?

Here comes to the second way- Things will get simple if you have some Chinese friends that you trust. Invite them for dinner next time when they visit your country and let them do this favor for you to book on line.

Also, Meizu has its physical shops. Some of them can help you to book this new flyme MX4 Pro phone. Yes, only some of them. You need to go to their physical shop to leave your name, phone number and other contact way. Again, you need to do this in China. Yes, one trusted Chinese friend you need again!

The third way is that you can place your pre-sale order in the third party site- for example from ebay, aliexpress and other B2C on line store. Keep this in mind that you need to check their reputation before you give the money to them. Try to pick out those ones who have good ranking.

If all these ways are not suitable for you, then you can consider about Willgoo. We can do this favor to buy this cool MX4 Pro Meizu Phone to you.

Finally, JXD S7300C Game Pad is Available Now!

4 Days after we wrote the article for the stocks for JXD S7300c, and today we bring you good news on it. Now this new JXD S7300 Android gaming tablet game pad will be in our warehouse. Like what we do usually, Willgoo will take some reviews on it and show you more details on it.

JXD S7300C gamepad

To be the first one to get this new game pad, you can buy it on our site now. Also, you can see our videos on reviewing it and decide to buy it later.

Different from other listings on Willgoo, we offered FREE DHL shipping fee for this device. Those customers who are from the countries listed on our site will get this discount super pack. How about other customers no in the listing? We will offer free rate rate shipping without charging you any extra money. Another important for DHL- customers need to pay for the remote fee if the addresses are considered to be remote by DHL system. You can use your friends’ address to avoid this fee. To know whether your shipping address is remote or not in the DHL sytem, kindly visit their website here:

Just type your post code and select your country and city and DHL will tell you the result.

Is 2014 New Game Pad JXD S7300C Really Ready?

Yes, we had contacted the news for JXD S7300C with the factory for many many times. Still no luck till now. Their sales men confirmed us that this game pad S7300C is still not available. Then why you still can see some listing on other sites? Strange?

JXD S7300C

Well, here is the basic specification for this device- We just cut the original sources from JXD:

CPU频率: 四核1.4GHz- QUAD CORE 1.4GHZ
CPU型号: RK3188
GPU: ARM mali400

游戏支持 安卓游戏、9大类模拟器游戏(PS1、N64、街机CP1/CP2/Neo-Geo、GBA、SFC、MD、FC)
游戏控制 5点电容触摸、完美按键控制(安卓按键映射、360度视角控制、双LR、双摇杆)、重力感应控制
按键: 方向键、ABXY、双LR、双摇杆、select、 start、音量、复位、电源
前置摄像: 30万像素
WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n
3G: 外接3G- Willgoo are not very sure of it!
以太网 外接以太网
容量 内置可充电锂聚合物电池
多媒体播放 支持
内存 1GB
高速闪存 8GB
屏幕尺寸 7英寸
分辨率: 1024×600
OTG 支持
HDMI 双屏输出,最高1080P

It looks like JXD S7300 exactly! Yes, the manufacture just used the same mod but replace different chip on S7300C. The chip is: RockChip 3188, Quad Core, 1.6GHz (cortex A9 CPU, ARM mali400 mp4 GPU). Yes, from dual core to quad core. It is said that this chip allow new JXD S7300C run more fast. No more words powerful than the real testing. Once we get the sample, we will find ways to test it, which you may be interesting.

Then this device is really ready or not? Like the way JXD did many years ago, they had created a new page for this device. Check it here: But no more in their English page. At the same time, we can find its listing on their Tmall shop here: But you can find something wrong in this page- there in Tmall. They did use the keyword” JXD S7300C” in their title. Also they post the right specification for 7300C like the ones on their official site. But we just checked those reviews/ comments people who bought “this device”. These comments are dated back to 2013. And we got the common knowledge that JXD S7300C is the new product in 2014 then it is ridicule to find comments dated back to last year. One thing we can figure out is that the item that sold in JXD Tmall is not JXD S7300C but JXD S7300!

Some one may found 7300c game pad is listed on other on line shop- in English. You can search it on Google then you will find some. But they are not real. They are just selling JXD S7300 not JXD S7300C. Be careful when they buy from them. Double check and confirm with the sellers to make sure their listings are right. So far as we know JXD S7300C game tablet is still in factory not available.

Please tell us if we are wrong. Like many gamers, Willgoo prefer to believe 7300C game console is ready!

The first part of Funbox Gaming Review

Still remember Funbox? It is the new gaming box from ZTE called Funbox Android Box or Funbox gaming Box. Whatever, you got his name. Willgoo had got one unit in hand for a few days. And we will take a series of videos on showing more details of it.

So far, we can not find how to set the language as it only supports Chinese. At the same time, we can not install the Play Store which it should be there since it is the Android Box. We are now studying it as it is very very important.

Lucky that it is compatible allowing to install the third APP. That is the right way the factory runs now. Hopefully, Funbox can be available on Willgoo’s selling list. Before that we need to test it and make sure it can work normally when you guys buy from us. Yes, it can be done for oversea market.

We are working on it now. Stay tuned! Well, time to enjoy our first video for it now:

Smartisan T1 Smart Phone Chui zi Phone Released from Smartisan

The latest Smart Phone called Smartisan T1 or Chui zi Smart Phone is released tonight at 19:30 Beijing Time. Willgoo bring you its news as below:

smartisan T1 Phone

What is its specification?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8274AC CPU;

4.95 inch 1080P FHD IPS JDI screen, 445ppi;

13-megapixel Sony Imax214 rear camera;

Acute ogic and Arcsoft camera technology;

Similar sound like Vivo Xplay 3s phone


Battery: 3500mAh

What is the price?

There will be two colors for this phone. One is the black and the other is white. The black one will be available firstly on July 2014. The 16GB version is with the price 3000RMB( about $485 US dollars) and the 32GB version is at the price 3150RMB( about $500 US dollars).

Where can you buy it?

For now, the mass production is still not finished.But you can pre-order it on their official site: or

Can people use it if it is out of China?

This phone will only work with 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900; 3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz.

We will bring you more details on this new smart phone T1 from Smartisan. At the same time, you can check our smart phone from Willgoo!

Flashsell JXD S7300 At Price $59.99 Limited Quantity

Flashsell JXD S7300 in $59.99 US dollars! The first batch is 10 units. Limited quantity! We will give away three batches by three times. 30 units JXD S7300 in this low price in total!Just click this link to grab one unit for you:

From these 30 units, we will select one unit for this men. @ Willgoo Facebook or retwitter Willgoo and you will be this lucky men. Please help spreading this great great news via Facebook and Twitter. 

Willgoo Facebook link is:


Keep the below Notes in mind before you are crazy to buy this amazing game pad JXD S7300:

1. Because of the customs’ issues, we can not ship to Latin America. Sorry for this. :'(

2. Once again due to the customs’ issues, we suggest customers from Italy, United Kingdom and Germany select DHL as shipping way. DHL shipping fee needed to paid not Free! Any one who want us to send via DHL is required to pay the DHL shipping fee.

3. We sent these units by free register air mail (tracking number will be offered once order sent out). Normally it will take 10-20 business days to receive.

4. Only Black color JXD S7300 is available.

5. One account can be allowed to buy one unit!

Now it is your time. Enjoy!

JXD S7300 Clearance- No More Once Stocks Out!

JXD S7300 reminds us its golden time dated back to the end of 2012. Willgoo released this “New Gen Gaming Tablet” at that time and it got crazy popular. Like other gaming tablets, the attention on this JXD S7300B Gamepad is losing its own charm when the new version is out- I mean the JXD S7800 and its mini version JXD S5800.

JXD S7300 clearance

Gamers always love those new things and drop down the old ones. But things are different for S7300 Android game console. It is the first gamepad for dual core and with dual should buttons. The reason why people still love it may be its stable function- good analog stick, D-pad and face buttons. So far, the D-pad that Willgoo tested is no better than what JXD S7300′s.

For a professional game console, the D-pad is very important. I think JXD S7300 did it very well on this point. The design on D-pad is very similar to what you see on NDSL or WiiU. I love its crossing. At the same time, no delay on registering.

As the old products, the technology is very stable for this device. We got many customize firmware for it- the version of Xsample. You can design what you want on this device.

The trend of the electronics is updating very fast. Like other goods, JXD now stop to produce this device any more. Willgoo got its last batch in stock now. You may prefer the new version Gaming console. But never forget the golden Gamapad JXD S7300 if you want to play your games good. We will not talk too much on how well it is. All you can see can be found on Willgoo here- JXD S7300 Zone!

For now, we offer clearance price for this device. We recommend you select the JXD S7300 FREE DHL Shipping- only $105.99 US dollarsl. This list is with Free DHL shipping. But only those countries listing on the page can get this FREE DHL Shipping Service. For other countries, we suggest you this list and select FREE SHIPPING then we can send via Flat rate by FREE. Check it here JXD S7300 FREE Flat Rate- only $95.99.

No more JXD S7300 in the market and Willgoo will not sell it any more once we clear this batch! Grab this chance before it leaks away!