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The first part of Funbox Gaming Review

Still remember Funbox? It is the new gaming box from ZTE called Funbox Android Box or Funbox gaming Box. Whatever, you got his name. Willgoo had got one unit in hand for a few days. And we will take a series of videos on showing more details of it.

So far, we can not find how to set the language as it only supports Chinese. At the same time, we can not install the Play Store which it should be there since it is the Android Box. We are now studying it as it is very very important.

Lucky that it is compatible allowing to install the third APP. That is the right way the factory runs now. Hopefully, Funbox can be available on Willgoo’s selling list. Before that we need to test it and make sure it can work normally when you guys buy from us. Yes, it can be done for oversea market.

We are working on it now. Stay tuned! Well, time to enjoy our first video for it now:

FunBox Gaming TV Box in Hands Now

Finally we got the FunBox yesterday. After putting our hands on this device, we got a feel like that we have a “clone” OUYA game console. But it has a good design, which is different from most devices from China. The bad news is that it only has “Chinese” language- yes, no English and other language. At the same time, it is not included the Google Play Store. Instead, we found its own “App Store” which allow people to download the “APP”. There are many Movies sourcing on line. For the “gaming center”, we can only find a few games there. Also, you can download them there. But only less games available. Do not know if we can install some and play them. Do not make sure if these games are free all the way or we need to pay one day. Let’s share you some photos from Willgoo below:

FunBox game console

When we turn on the FunBox game console, it got a little big “noise” from this red cube console. This is because it has the fans to eject the heat to make sure everything run well.

FunBox game Box

FunBox Remote Control

The part which I prefer to mostly is its Bluetooth controller. It may be a little smaller if you got a big hands. But I think the design is especially for Chinese market as people here have smaller hands- comparing to the customers from USA and EU. Anyway, it does a pretty good job when I put hands on the controller. It has the protection again dropping down while gaming. You can see the upper part got the “Rubber” case and the down part has the “Cross line” design. This will help people to hold this FunBox BT controller firmly. The only problem that we concern is whether the surface covering on the controller will rip off. Only time can tell us on this issue. The d-pad, joystick and face buttons are very good! They have excellent hand feeling and good respond. To show you more details on its working, we will test in on gaming and other control in these coming days. Let’s take a close look at it:

FunBox TV Box

Fun Box

FunBox gaming Box

FunBox Android TV box

These items are all in one package: One FunBox Console, Bluetooth Controller, HDMI Cable- about 1.5m, OTG cable, Charger, USB cable.

FunBox game Box

Next we will make more video on telling you more details. Come with Willgoo!

Let’s Rock! TCL T2 Gaming Box Game Console is Coming Near

While coming to April, days are getting hotter and hotter. The situation is the same for video game. There will be two Android gaming box/ gaming console released during this month. The first one that will be available on 28th, April is TCL T2 Android game box console. The second one is the ZTE Fun Box. Today Willgoo show you a glance look at TCL T2.

TCL T2 gaming box

According to the latest news, this device accepts “pre-order right” in China today. That is people should “date” this “pre-order” TCL T2 game console. Then on 28th, April these people can buy this Android game box. Willgoo had “dated” this  ”right” on buying this device. Hopefully we can get one unit in hand at the end of April.

There will be one TCL T2 game console and one Bluetooth game controller coming in the package. Besides that, you will be offered one HDMI cable and power adapter. This is the official package. We do not know if TCL will sell the console and game controller separately.

TCL T2 game console

Below we will show you the general specification on this new T2 game console box- this is the information offered by TCL:

1. CPU Chip: A31

2. Operation System: Android 4.2.2

3. Flash capacity: 16GB

4. RAM: 2G DDR3

TCL T2 Android game box

The only problem that Willgoo Concern is that how about the compatibility this game box for Android games or even emulator games. So far we know that TCL had cooperated with Gameloft. That is to say there will be moer and more Big Android games released on this device. As this device will be sold only in China firstly, Willgoo worry about if this device can be used well for oversea game players.

We will test it and show you these answers once we get it in hand. Stay tuned!