Is 2014 New Game Pad JXD S7300C Really Ready?

Yes, we had contacted the news for JXD S7300C with the factory for many many times. Still no luck till now. Their sales men confirmed us that this game pad S7300C is still not available. Then why you still can see some listing on other sites? Strange?

JXD S7300C

Well, here is the basic specification for this device- We just cut the original sources from JXD:

CPU频率: 四核1.4GHz- QUAD CORE 1.4GHZ
CPU型号: RK3188
GPU: ARM mali400

游戏支持 安卓游戏、9大类模拟器游戏(PS1、N64、街机CP1/CP2/Neo-Geo、GBA、SFC、MD、FC)
游戏控制 5点电容触摸、完美按键控制(安卓按键映射、360度视角控制、双LR、双摇杆)、重力感应控制
按键: 方向键、ABXY、双LR、双摇杆、select、 start、音量、复位、电源
前置摄像: 30万像素
WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n
3G: 外接3G- Willgoo are not very sure of it!
以太网 外接以太网
容量 内置可充电锂聚合物电池
多媒体播放 支持
内存 1GB
高速闪存 8GB
屏幕尺寸 7英寸
分辨率: 1024×600
OTG 支持
HDMI 双屏输出,最高1080P

It looks like JXD S7300 exactly! Yes, the manufacture just used the same mod but replace different chip on S7300C. The chip is: RockChip 3188, Quad Core, 1.6GHz (cortex A9 CPU, ARM mali400 mp4 GPU). Yes, from dual core to quad core. It is said that this chip allow new JXD S7300C run more fast. No more words powerful than the real testing. Once we get the sample, we will find ways to test it, which you may be interesting.

Then this device is really ready or not? Like the way JXD did many years ago, they had created a new page for this device. Check it here: But no more in their English page. At the same time, we can find its listing on their Tmall shop here: But you can find something wrong in this page- there in Tmall. They did use the keyword” JXD S7300C” in their title. Also they post the right specification for 7300C like the ones on their official site. But we just checked those reviews/ comments people who bought “this device”. These comments are dated back to 2013. And we got the common knowledge that JXD S7300C is the new product in 2014 then it is ridicule to find comments dated back to last year. One thing we can figure out is that the item that sold in JXD Tmall is not JXD S7300C but JXD S7300!

Some one may found 7300c game pad is listed on other on line shop- in English. You can search it on Google then you will find some. But they are not real. They are just selling JXD S7300 not JXD S7300C. Be careful when they buy from them. Double check and confirm with the sellers to make sure their listings are right. So far as we know JXD S7300C game tablet is still in factory not available.

Please tell us if we are wrong. Like many gamers, Willgoo prefer to believe 7300C game console is ready!

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