JXD S7300 Clearance- No More Once Stocks Out!

JXD S7300 reminds us its golden time dated back to the end of 2012. Willgoo released this “New Gen Gaming Tablet” at that time and it got crazy popular. Like other gaming tablets, the attention on this JXD S7300B Gamepad is losing its own charm when the new version is out- I mean the JXD S7800 and its mini version JXD S5800.

JXD S7300 clearance

Gamers always love those new things and drop down the old ones. But things are different for S7300 Android game console. It is the first gamepad for dual core and with dual should buttons. The reason why people still love it may be its stable function- good analog stick, D-pad and face buttons. So far, the D-pad that Willgoo tested is no better than what JXD S7300′s.

For a professional game console, the D-pad is very important. I think JXD S7300 did it very well on this point. The design on D-pad is very similar to what you see on NDSL or WiiU. I love its crossing. At the same time, no delay on registering.

As the old products, the technology is very stable for this device. We got many customize firmware for it- the version of Xsample. You can design what you want on this device.

The trend of the electronics is updating very fast. Like other goods, JXD now stop to produce this device any more. Willgoo got its last batch in stock now. You may prefer the new version Gaming console. But never forget the golden Gamapad JXD S7300 if you want to play your games good. We will not talk too much on how well it is. All you can see can be found on Willgoo here- JXD S7300 Zone!

For now, we offer clearance price for this device. We recommend you select the JXD S7300 FREE DHL Shipping- only $105.99 US dollarsl. This list is with Free DHL shipping. But only those countries listing on the page can get this FREE DHL Shipping Service. For other countries, we suggest you this list and select FREE SHIPPING then we can send via Flat rate by FREE. Check it here JXD S7300 FREE Flat Rate- only $95.99.

No more JXD S7300 in the market and Willgoo will not sell it any more once we clear this batch! Grab this chance before it leaks away!

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