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Where can you buy Meizu MX4 Pro?

Everybody in the world may be impressed by Meizu MX4 Pro when it was released last week. No less than one minute, the pre-sale quantity 10,000 units MX4 Pro were sold out. Then how about those people who don’t have this good luck? Where you can buy Meizu MX4 Pro smart phone?

MX4 PRO Phone


The first way is go directly to Meizu official site to leave your phone number. They will remind you once next batch is ready for pre-sale. Till now, we still do not know when Meizu will open the next pre-sale. Thus, leaving your phone number is the only way to get the latest news.

Unfortunately, their Engish website or online store can not be booked this latest Meizu smart phone. Yes, you need to go to their Chinese site. Then how can a foreigner buy this MX4 Pro phone?

Here comes to the second way- Things will get simple if you have some Chinese friends that you trust. Invite them for dinner next time when they visit your country and let them do this favor for you to book on line.

Also, Meizu has its physical shops. Some of them can help you to book this new flyme MX4 Pro phone. Yes, only some of them. You need to go to their physical shop to leave your name, phone number and other contact way. Again, you need to do this in China. Yes, one trusted Chinese friend you need again!

The third way is that you can place your pre-sale order in the third party site- for example from ebay, aliexpress and other B2C on line store. Keep this in mind that you need to check their reputation before you give the money to them. Try to pick out those ones who have good ranking.

If all these ways are not suitable for you, then you can consider about Willgoo. We can do this favor to buy this cool MX4 Pro Meizu Phone to you.