The first part of Funbox Gaming Review

Still remember Funbox? It is the new gaming box from ZTE called Funbox Android Box or Funbox gaming Box. Whatever, you got his name. Willgoo had got one unit in hand for a few days. And we will take a series of videos on showing more details of it.

So far, we can not find how to set the language as it only supports Chinese. At the same time, we can not install the Play Store which it should be there since it is the Android Box. We are now studying it as it is very very important.

Lucky that it is compatible allowing to install the third APP. That is the right way the factory runs now. Hopefully, Funbox can be available on Willgoo’s selling list. Before that we need to test it and make sure it can work normally when you guys buy from us. Yes, it can be done for oversea market.

We are working on it now. Stay tuned! Well, time to enjoy our first video for it now:

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