Red GPD G5A Limited Version- Less than 50 units available!

It is about 2 months that GPD G5A left us. Just before Christmas Day this cool gaming tablet console is back. But it is a little different this time as it is Red GPD G5A.


From now one, we will only ship this shinny Red color GPD G5A when you place orders. Yes, we only have this color in stock- no white or black but only red! The factory only produces a limited quantity for this Android gaming console. Here is Willgoo, we only have less than 50 units. The price is the same as what we offered for the white color- still at $99.99.

If you still do not know which Christmas gifts you should buy, then consider about this red G5A. Be quick otherwise it will be gone- Willgoo fans are always very crazy for new devices!

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